You’re probably thinking… Is Queek an app for handling my trips?
It is! (But don’t go yet, there’s a lot more to it).

This app designed and developed by BMC Travel manages all your documents in a single place (you’ll no longer have to download information from different emails or apps). 

It means that if you’re on a business trip to Yuanyang County, your operator will make sure you’re only one click away from your boarding card, itinerary, hotel and transfer coupons, restaurant bookings, meeting agenda and all the other documents, so you only need to worry about the business side of things. 

There’s no need to worry about everything. Queek will tell you if your flight’s delayed and whether you have time to catch another episode on Netflix. It’ll even tell you what gate your flights leaves from and has a geolocation system that tells you about any interesting sights in the vicinity.

And for my company?

This app is designed to record any request or transaction. You’ll be in total control of the information. The traveller him or herself also has their own independent document and itinerary module.
We know that different profiles are involved in business travel. Queek offers specific profiles and functions for travellers, organisers, controllers, authorisers and possible variations on any of these.

A single app?

Why, of course. The main idea behind Queek is to optimise and centralise travel documents. But as we said, that’s not all. You also get recommended places at your destination, receive messages on your mobile device and can even view the latest weather forecast. All these functions in a single app.